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Frequency counter
Direct conversion
80m_40m transceiver

SSB_CW Audio Filter

4 channels VFO

2W- FM transmitter


​40m_20m transceiver

​4 channels BPF

1 channels VFO

2 channels VFO

​1 channels BPF

​2 channels BPF


JJJelectronics- Signal strength meter ( S-meter)

JJJelectronics- Signal strength meter ( S-meter)

*S-meter is a signal strength meter for use with any receiver. it is an audio driven meter .
*Sensitivity: adjustable to allow readings to be set to user liking
* can be used  after the diode detector on  stage of Superhet radio receiver or after product detector of direct conversion        receiver
* can be used after the mixer on direct conversion receiver
* Voltage 10v-13.0v
*Panel meter
*You can add back light to the meter from the top or the sides of panel meter
Panel meter and wires are included with the kit

Circuit diagram
Silk screen
Build instruction
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